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Data Visualization App

The trend is strong - enterprises want their data on the go . With our white label application you can rapidly publish your own company branded Data Visualization app.

SecondPrism powered apps: QuestionPro Survey Analytics

Latest Apps

QuestionPro - A simple, yet powerful tool for conducting online surveys and collecting data over the web. Download the SecondPrism powered QuestionPro app for the iPad to visualize your survey and research data.

Metavana - A text analytics and sentiment engine that makes meaning out of the social web - Separating the signal from the noise. The Metavana Social Dashboard is powered by SecondPrism -

Marketly - A data-intelligence tool that allows enterprises to protect their brand, intellectual property as well as gain competetive pricing intelligence by mining the public and social web for data.

Offline Data Visualization

Synchronize your data - and use the Offline mode to view interactive charts and data.

All Mobile Platforms

All iOS (iPad, iPhone, iTouch) as well as support for Android tables - Galaxy, Acer and Kindle Fire.

Highly Interactive Charts

Built for Touch Screens - Interactive charts that help you derive meaning.