Excel Data Visualization

Visualize your Excel file on your tablet and on the web easily

SecondPrism offers an intuitive and easy way to take an Microsoft Excel file, import that and make it look pretty!

Basic and Advanced Visualization

On top of basic line, pie and bar chart we also support spark lines after you import your data fom excel. You can create dashboards on your ipad or android tablet by grouping data together using our simple group functionality. We support time snapshots and tracing path capabilities on your ipad.

Offline Data Visualization

Synchronize your data - and use the Offline mode to view interactive charts and data.

  • Excel  ·  SPSS  ·  CSV
  • QuestionPro  ·  Survey Analytics  ·  IdeaScale  ·  Metavana  ·  Marketly

All Mobile Platforms

All iOS (iPad, iPhone, iTouch) as well as support for Android tables - Galaxy, Acer and Kindle Fire.

  • iOS  ·  iPhone  ·  iPad  ·  Kindle  ·  Android

Highly Interactive Charts

Built for Touch Screens - Interactive charts that help you derive meaning.

  • Pie  ·  Bar  ·  Line  ·  Multi-Series
  • Zoom In/Out  ·  Aggregate/Split  ·  Spotlight  ·  Comparators  ·  Bucketing